The Real Talk Show: HEALING with H.E.R.O. and TLC Boston

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The Real Talk Show featuring Host, Sis Lolita DaVine H.E.R.O. Healing Empathy Redemption Oasis Judith Foster, Founder and CEO GUESTS: Claudette Wright, Treasurer Kim Morgan, Secretary MISSION INCLUDES To Further civility, cooperation, justice, abundance, reconciliation and unity within the entire human family thru nature’s example. To foster healing, empathy and redemption using nature’s bounties going forward for the healing of the invisible scars of the world community. Website: Contact: Contact: 7544223672 January 26, Spa day after dark! Healing compassion nurturing and empathy matters Massage and mimosa is not an after thought Facebook: Research: Health Risks of 5G Technology: Dr. Devra Davis" on YouTube Get Sis Pearl's Green Tea Punch TODAY The Best Tea In Boston SHOP LOCALLY SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES Http://SisPearlsGreenT.yelp.cpm FACEBOOK: SisPearlsGreenTeaPunch NEXT LIVE EPISODE: 02082018

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