Life Matters: Kristine Correria, Physician Assistant & Co-Chair of

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Hostess Colbe Mozzarella interviews Kris Correira on the confusing array of 'end of life' forms and choices. How do varying health situations dictate what path to take for the patient. Kris recommends the legal document called the 'health care proxy' form. Depending on the health situation, she recommends Catholic Advance Directive form that addresses the 'burden versus benefit. The decision may change as the treatment progresses. Food & Water should be 'ordinary' care ... not 'extraordinary' care, even if a feeding tube is needed. Finally, the Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment form in Massachusetts (MOLST) or the POLST form nationally , which is a binding legal form, should be avoided. It allows doctors, clinicians and hospitals not to do treatments for the patient, thereby hastening their death.

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