The Paradigm Shift: Black History Month Series - No blame, guilt, judgement or fault, it’s all about the healing

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EUUNI’S Founders Nicole Hodges and DaVan Smith CO Produce The Paradigm Shift TV SHOW Black Hisory Month Series as an Intergenerational Collaboration. In order to see where we started you have to watch our first episode on 2.7.18 and what happen after that on our second episode 2.21.18. The final episode No blame, guilt, judgment or fault, It’s all about the healing. Black History Month wil be the month that all Awesome Entities focuse on planting seed goals to add to our story of growing our Awesome Selves. We wil then can feed and nurture these seeds until needs black History Month where we can look at the harvest of our soaing and plant new seed’s.

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