Touch TV: Jumaada, Dr. Alvan Johnson, Edmumd Barry Gaither, Imam Abdul Farruq

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Our guest and topics are. The Goldenaires of Freedom House with Jumaada A-K. H. Smith, J. D., Coordinator. And The 15th Annual African American Military Heritage Day, May 19, 2018 (Organization of Afro-American Veterans) withJumaada A-K. H. Smith, J.D., 1st Lt. Benny White and Rev. Dr. Alvan N. Johnson Jr. Also 8th Annual Juneteenth Emancipation Observance (Boston Juneteenth Committee/National Center of Afro-American Artists) with Jumaada A-K. H. Smith, J. D., Edmund Barry Gaither and Imam Abdullah Faaruuq.

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