The Real Talk Show: The Innocent Convicts

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The Real Talk Show brings you the other side of a narrative —from our perspective and in our own voices. HOST and PRODUCER: Lolita DaVine X TOPIC: The Innocent Convicts documentary and Darrell Jones, sentence overturned after serving 32 years— Always Maintaned His Innocence GUESTs: Osagie N. Okoruwa, Filmmaker “The Innocent Convicts” Darrell Jones, Activist against the Prison Industrial Complex And Wrongful Convictions MORE INFORMATION: Osagie N. Okoruwa Title: Director Documentary Film: The Innocent Convicts Contact: 806.344.8160 Facebook: Other social media(Twitter): The Innocent Convicts (@ConvictsThe) Website: Event Date: November 03, 2018 Event Location: Muhammed Mosque, Grove Hall, Dorchester, MA. Event Time: 3:00 PM Show was recorded on Oct 23, 2918 and has some community event that has already pasted. The documentary and work is ongoing: please share

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