Touch TV: Shelden Hitchens, The GroovaLottos, Sis. Sandra, Sis. JoAnn and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

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TOUCH TV THURSDAY NIGHT 9:30pm and Saturday 12:30am eastern time. Comcast channel 23 RCN channel 83. Guests are Shelden Hitchens, Chief of Staff for the Timothy Smith Network, The GroovaLottos debut album, "Ask Yo' Mama" received six Grammy nominations over two years of Grammy's GroovaLottos formed a non-profit called Song Keepers, LTD. Also Sis. Sandra CEO and Founder of FYNESS INC. Services for Phycotherapy and Black Mental Health and Consultant Sis. JoAnn Farrier . The Honorable Minister Farrakhan. Verizon 1960 and online at www. BnnTV.Org

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