Neighborhood Network News: 7/12/19

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We begin tonight with the exodus of riders from the Red Line. According to the Boston Globe, ridership was down by more than ten percent in the week of a serious derailment on June eleventh. Officials have released new details in connection with the stabbing of an emergency medical technician by a patient. Before the stabbing on Wednesday, the suspect, Julie Tejeda, was under investigation for a hoax bomb threat at multiple airports. In Roxbury, the city's setting the stage for more development--and fewer parking spaces around Dudley Square. Officials voted last night to approve development guidelines for several properties around the square, including some owned by the city. The City Council's exploring new restrictions on local cooperation with the crackdown on immigrants by the federal government. A proposal by Councilor Josh Zakim would prohibit the Boston Police from telling federal agents when a person's being released from local custody--if it's solely for immigration enforcement.


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