NNN: 7/24/19

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We begin tonight with the federal extortion case against city official and a spotlight turned on Mayor Walsh. In opening arguments, prosecutors called the alleged pressure on a concert promoter a payback to unions for supporting the mayor. A new survey by an environmental group shows a racial divide in perceptions of the Seaport District. According to the Boston Globe, almost one-quarter of the Black residents from Boston said they felt unwelcome in the district, as opposed to six percent of the whites. This morning on Brighton Avenue in Allston, the city opened a faster lane reserved for bikes and buses. Thanks to cooperation with the M-B-T-A, the dedicated lane will speed up travel for buses and provide more safety for people on bikes. A planning agency wants to see less growth in the supply of off-street parking. In a survey of communities around Boston, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council found thirty percent of the residential parking spaces were vacant--even during a time of peak demand.


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