Early Works: Get on Yer Bike, Exploring White Supremacy, Mars One

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The Early Works Productions for Episode One includes the following field producers and their respective show tiles. Nancy Nee Hanifin producer of "Get on Yer Bike", an informative biking video that provides safety tips for bikers. Shannon Hawkins producer of "No Baby Left Behind", is a PSA that reminds adults to be mindful when caring for a baby or young child. Franklin Wright producer of "PSA", sheds light on ending child hunger. Darline Harris producer of "Exploring White Supremacy", explores a few pivotal moments in black history. Francia Romero producer of "Mars One", seeks to explore the question: What life would be like to live on Mars? Davidson McGuffie producer of “Artist Roots", spotlights a local artist and the inspiration for their art. Episode one concludes with Yvena Don producer of "Let's Help One Another", a feel-good PSA that shows how small acts of kindness can go a long way to brighten someone's day.

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