Early Works: A Biker's Prayer, Debt End: Is the College Dream Worth It?, Gun Control

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The Early Works Productions for Episode Two includes the following field producers and their respective show tiles. Jelani Lynch producer of "Grind Now", this piece provides professional advice on what it takes to be a licensed barber and successful business owner. Richard Johnson producer of "Maybe" a smooth and hard-hitting music video. Vaughn Simkins producer of "A Biker's Prayer", a poetic piece that chronicles a biker’s love for biking. Jill Wach producer of "Debt End: Is the College Dream Worth It?", an informative video that explores the impact of student loans and the crippling debt of student loans and its impact on graduates. Sila Peters producer of "A Day in the Life of My Family" lovingly explores what makes her family unique. Episode Two concludes with Taja J. Glover, producer of "Gun Control" a thought-provoking PSA that takes a stance on supporting gun control laws

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